Online Training Redesign


The redesign of J. J. Keller’s Online Training involved multiple sites and platforms. The project was created to address two perceived needs: Modern Design and Mobile Accessibility.

The existing design was many years old and required enhancements to improve marketability more inline with customer expectations. In addition to visual enhancements, the redesign presented an opportunity to address functional and navigational shortcomings.

Mobile accessibility and responsivity was also extremely limited. There was not a true mobile app and access from a phone was cumbersome at best. A large goal of this project was to address these issues and usher Online Training to the modern web.

The first phase of the redesign was to address the training coordinators administration portion of the application.

Existing Training Admin

User Research

Customer surveys were created to gauge what the existing user base felt could be improved upon and what features were missing. Additional questionnaires were received by the training service from the tech support team. The responses from both groups differed somewhat, but a couple of themes remained the same.

  1. Simplify student management and training points ordering
  2. Increase navigation transparency
  3. Modernize visuals and increase accessibility


Over the next couple of weeks team meetings were held to discuss how to improve the current processes of the site without losing necessary function. Group whiteboarding sessions were held as a means of involving non-designers in the ideation process. The end result created improved corporate synergy and value between the various departments involved in the project.

Concepts and Colors

The current site incorporated a sunset orange hue throughout the design and was very prominent throughout the site. Orange became synonymous with the brand and so it was decided it should still be a featured color throughout the site. The design goal was to focus the color usage on action items such as menu items and buttons.

Final Concepts

The final design and process concepts were delivered with various options in color scheme, while keeping with the consistent corporate layout previously decided upon for other services.

Dashboard Variations

Training Points Ordering

Training Enrollment